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If Not Now... When?

"Well... It's Sunday, so I can't start today. Next Monday is Labor Day... so I should probably push it to the following Monday. At that point, I might as well wait until Halloween to get past all the candy. Well shoot, now it's close to Thanksgiving... December 1 is when I'll start. Scratch that... January is when I'll really get serious about my goals."

It's a vicious cycle when you play around with hitting your goals. If you don't really want it... just say that.

That last sentence was cruel, I know. But if you don't want something bad enough to start pursuing it right this minute... it's not a priority and it most likely won't happen.

I was sitting on the couch about to watch something on Netflix but I want my name to be synonymous with fitness. Sitting around watching TV isn't going to get me closer to my goals... but writing this article will!

If you always wait for January 1, that's a resolution and not a goal.

I don't care if you're reading this on a Wednesday, Saturday, or whatever day or month it might be... that is the perfect day to start. Write down the goal and make a list of actionable steps you can take to achieve it.

Set a goal that makes you uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed to tell others... that's when you know it's probably big enough.

There are so many success stories of regular people who have done something huge because they decided not to accept average. They started and relentlessly pursued their goal of weight loss, financial freedom, marital success, getting their dream job, etc... Make a legit plan. Seek wise counsel. Don't quit.

I wanted freedom, so I quit my job. My wife and I asked each other... why not us? We saw so many people chasing huge goals. So... Why not us? We haven't "made it" yet but we are having a blast on our way!

What goal are you going to start chasing today?

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