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How to Make Sundays Productive and Restful

On Sunday's my goal is typically to do as little as possible. It is the day of rest, right?

Over the last year, however, I have found a few habits done on Sunday make me feel more accomplished and set the tone for a successful week. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of time to laze about!

Step 1: Hydrate

On days when our schedule is more relaxed, we tend to slow our roll on drinking water. Starting the week dehydrated is a poor way to head into the gym on Monday! Start Sunday with a big glass of water, yes, before coffee! Then track your water throughout the day, aiming for at least 3 liters!

Step 2: Set Goals for the Week

I use a passion planner and will write out my goals! Writing your goals down daily doesn't exclude Sunday! Write them down daily to remain disciplined!

Step 3: Write Down Your Schedule for the Week

Again in the passion planner! For me, I typically just write down the things that are outliers in the upcoming week. For instance, I have been doing personal training with the same family for 7 years on Monday and Wednesday mornings. I don't write that down because it's just a given. However, if they are out of town, I will write that on my schedule. Anything that is out of the ordinary I make sure I write down, so that I don't miss it!

Step 4: Set a Challenging Task for Monday

On Mondays we have to attack the week and not procrastinate. If you know you have something tough to do in the upcoming week, don't schedule it for Friday. Put it down for Monday and get it over with!

Step 5: Meal Prep

I am not a big meal prep guy but I do try to make something in advance to make my week easier. One simple thing I do is make 12 hard boiled eggs. That way if I am running behind I have a quick, healthy protein option on hand! ps a Pressure cooker is the dream for hard boiled eggs!

Step 6: Stretch

This is a big one! Sunday is typically a complete rest day for me from exercise. I find that I get tight if I do nothing all day. Aim to spend 10 minutes every Sunday doing Mobility exercises and some light stretches. Guarantee you will feel better when you hit the gym on Monday! Check out the Brettzel stretch from my post yesterday!

Bonus tip, do something for your spiritual/ mental health! For me, it is going to church. For you, it might be reading, hanging out with family, a walk in nature, etc! This might actually be the most important part of a productive Sunday!

Happy Sunday and Thanks for Reading,


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