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Friday 3/3/2023 Daily Gym: Upper Body Workout

Friday isn't the time to start coasting. Friday is the time to push and squeeze in another day of chasing excellence.

Other than crushing this workout, what can you do today to get closer to your goals?

PS Last Upper Body Tester workout today! Time the 21-15-9 workout to beat in week 4.

2 things to check out: my latest podcast episode, Ben Barker Fitness Podcast and my most recent blog post, "4 Steps to Reach Your Fitness and Life Goals."

*5-7 min of dynamic upper body stretches


*do 12 DB Bench, then 12 rows, then 10 each, 8, etc

*rest as needed here, increase weight each set

3 sets:

Tester workout


*do 21 each exercise, 15 each, 9 each as quickly as possible with good form

*modify push-ups from knees if needed

*time and note how long this takes you to complete

3 sets:


10 min Cardio of Choice

*5-7 min of upper body stretches

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