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Friday 2/3/2023 Daily Gym: Upper Body Workout

It. Is. FLEX FRIDAY!!!! Go ahead... take a gym selfie. Be proud of the work you are putting in!

*5-7 min of dynamic upper body stretches

3 Sets:

*the first 2-3 sets are basically warm-up sets, then build to heavy 8

3 Sets:

10,10,10 Lateral Raises

12 Heavy Lat Pull-Downs

*for the lateral raises it's 10 reps in each hand position = 30 total reps each set (light weight)


Do 30 each, 20 each, 10 each

*go light on the Push Press, keep the same weight throughout

*add weight to each set of seated row

3 Sets:

*Do this as a big superset, 1 set of each exercise, 3 rotations

Bonus (if you have time):

*march off 10 long paces

*walk back and forth with DB in left hand

*walk back and forth with DB in right hand

*repeat 3-5 times

*5-7 min of upper body stretches

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