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Epic Back and Core Strengthening Exercise

Isolation exercises are awesome. I use them in all of my workouts. However, there is also a time and place for full body exercises that kill a few birds with one stone.

*Renegade Row has entered the chat

This is an exercise that is great for strengthening the back, biceps, grip, and if done correctly, is an epic core workout! As far as where to place this exercise in a workout, I like save this until after I have done my compound exercises. So, if you are training back and biceps, you would do your renegade rows after doing pull-ups and bent rows.

Pro Tips:

*Start light and get the form down right

*Don't let the torso or hips twists

*Don't pull the elbow straight up

*Do pull the elbow back and up like an arch

*Do pause each row at the top briefly and squeeze the lat

Check out my tutorial below as well as my daily workout subscription!

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