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Encouragement is a Super Power [2022]

Who do you know that could use some encouragement? Text the first person that comes to your mind! You never know what someone has going on behind the scenes.

I truly believe that encouragement is a super power. When people are able to sit comfortably behind their keyboards it's so easy to be negative and leave mean comments.

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*young Ben in the Photo Above

Like most of us, I am guilty about mainly posting my "highlights" on social media. But this year has been full of highs and A LOT of lows for me.

During some times when I have been down, either a friend or a total stranger on social media have sent me an encouraging message. It probably took them 30 seconds to send the message and then they went about their business.

But to me, those messages are fuel to put my head down, keep working, and also spurs me on to pay it forward and encourage someone else.

That's how it works.

Be mean to someone on social media or be rude to a cashier at Starbucks and that negativity spreads like a virus.

Conversely, take 30 seconds to send an encouraging message or be extra kind to that cashier, which I think is even more contagious than negativity.

Develop and hone the super power of encouragement. Use it daily. Look for opportunities to uplift random strangers and think of family and friends who need a positivity boost!

I can think of multiple times over the past year that people have been a HUGE encouragement to me and I plan to keep paying it forward. I hope this article was an encouragement to you and that you will pay it forward as well!

For real, use that phone in your hands right now to text or DM someone some positivity!



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