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Diet and Fitness: Keep it Simple + Podcast 2

I love the KISS method! No, I'm not talking about French kissing. I'm talking about Keep it Simple Stupid. Although, my kids are not allowed to say stupid, so we will call it "Keep it Simple Silly."

We tend to overcomplicate everything in life: exercise, diet, relationships, our careers, etc. We become debilitated by complexity and the sheer amount of options out there. Do you want to know what exercise program works best? The one you do consistently! Want to know what diet works best? The one that is nutritious and calorie controlled that you enjoy and can adhere to. Period.

My dad lost 130 lbs by walking and loosely following the Adkins diet. My favorite method? No. But it worked for him and changed his life. He made a decision, stuck with it, and got the results he wanted.

If you are wanting to make a change, I challenge you to immediately make a move and then stay consistent. A simple plan that you take action on will yield better results than a complex plan sitting on the shelf.

Thanks for reading/ listening!


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