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Delt Exercise for Boulder Shoulders

I'm going to geek out for just a second... We do so many exercises that target the front of the shoulder (anterior deltoid) but the deltoid is made of 3 heads and the other two need some love too!

The anterior delt is also frequently overtrained because we hit it hard when we train shoulders but also when we do bench press, dips, and most chest exercises too!

Before I bore you too much, I'll give you part of the answer: the 3 direction shoulder circuit! This is a complex to focus on training the medial head of the delt. This is what will give you broader looking shoulders and will keep you from overtraining the front.

I do these high rep, light weight.

Key Points:

*slight lean forward

*slight bend in the elbow

*split into 3 mini sets per set

*focus on muscle mind connection: think about lifting with the outside of the shoulder whilst keeping your neck and traps relaxed

So, you do 3 sets of 10 pronated, 10 neutral, and 10 supinated. So, essentially 3 sets of 30 reps. Keep it pretty light, anywhere from 5-15 lbs. Check out the video below and check out my daily workout program for 9.99!

Ps Training the posterior deltoid is perhaps the most important as it helps with posture and keeping the shoulder well balanced but that is for another article!

Warm Regard,


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