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Day 30: The Greatest Ab Exercise of All Time

First things first... I did it! I wrote one article per day for 30 days! The goal here was to challenge myself to put out more content, to become a better writer, and to get more people reading my blog. I also just like anything that pushes me to improve and get more consistent. Consistency is a super power!

Second, any time I write about a core workout or ab exercise, I have to preface by saying:

1: Countless reps of ab work is not how you get a six pack

2: The best way to strengthen your core is compound lifts and sprints

3: Visible abs don't necessarily equal strength or good health

4: Abs are built in the gym, revealed by diet

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with doing focused ab work, it just shouldn't be the primary focus of your program. I typically do ab work at the end of my workout and it is just a way to build an even stronger core and to do extra!

In my humble opinion this the greatest focused ab exercise in existence...

The Hollow Hold

This exercise teaches you to brace to core and has great carryover to nearly every other exercise. Think of your body as the bottom of a boat or rocking chair. The low back should be in contact with the floor with no daylight showing. See if you can hold this for 60 seconds!

Try the modified hollow hold as well:

The modified hollow hold is a great place to start to learn proper positioning! Once you feel confident in this position you can try extending the arms overhead. Once you master the arms overhead you can extend the legs! Once extended in the full position, make sure the low back doesn't arch!

Try this superset at the end of your workout

3 sets:

30-40 sec Hollow Hold

30-40 sec Superman + Row

I love this superset because you crush the abs and then immediately go into an exercise for the low back. That allows you to rest one side while you work the other!

Big thanks to everyone that has read along for the last 30 days! I might retire from writing now, who knows!



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