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ChatGPT Wrote a Fitness Article for Me...

AI is here to stay.

And I am all about using it to my advantage professionally.

If artificial intelligence can help me provide people with value and crush their fitness goals, I am here for it! I have used ChatGPT to write better blog post titles, podcast episode descriptions, etc...

All of those panned out pretty well, so I asked the robot to write me a fitness article with 23 practical fitness tips.

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The goal was to get the article, edit it a bit, and post 23 tips that would help you achieve your goals. Giving good prompts is necessary to get the type of article you're looking for, so I was very specific.

To be honest, there were a few solid tips in there, such as:

Drink water... so far so good! Great job, ChatGPT.

Most people are chronically dehydrated, so I love this tip. Each of us should be aiming for at least 3 liters of water each day.

I am for a gallon of water per day. Be an adult. Drink your water!

Don't skimp on protein... TESTIFY! Artificial intelligence has not missed yet.

Let's go. This is a huge part of my 14-day challenge.

I aim for 1g of protein per pound of body weight every single day. Protein is one of the building blocks of muscle and helps keep us full.

Don't be afraid to ask for help... HALLELUJAH, well played, chat bot.

Ask a friend to be your accountability partner, hire a trainer, join a group workout class, etc.

It is never a bad idea to ask for help!

If you need some help in the gym, grab my Strength and Conditioning 4-week workout plan ebook or message me to work together 1-on-1 on my contact page.

Following this ChatGPT started to lose me.

The next tips were stuff like "reward yourself."

Getting fit and breaking bad habits is the reward! Feeling good about yourself is the reward. Getting strong and more capable is the reward.

There is nothing wrong with buying yourself some new workout clothes when you hit a goal but you can't rely on that as motivation.

Show up and work hard because it is the right thing to do and adopt this as a lifestyle.

Lastly, don't "reward" yourself with food. Eat 80/20. On point 80% of the time and cut loose 20% of the time. I like to eat but it is not how I reward myself.

Sometimes, I just eat less than ideal food, enjoy it, and then get back on track.

Next was "Don't be too hard on yourself."

Listen, you need to be hard on yourself. At the end of the day, it is up to you. No one else can do the workouts for you. No one else can stop you from eating a pint of ice cream before bed.

You have to count on you!

Another tip was "If you're feeling too tired, take a rest day."

Hear me out... designated rest days are mandatory and necessary for recovery. But skipping on a day when you're just sore?

That's a slippery slope, my friend. If you start skipping workouts because you're sore, you'll never workout.

I think the workout where we don't feel like it and are lacking motivation are the most important ones.

This is where discipline comes in. If you made a commitment to be there... be there. Be your own accountability partner and demand success from yourself.

I love the idea of hiring a trainer and having an accountability partner. Those are huge parts of success.

But at the end of the day it's up to you!

I was hopeful that ChatGPT was going to change my life and write articles for me but alas... the robot doesn't know everything.

Back to writing own blogs and back to you chasing your goals!

For some legit fitness tips, check out my article on Dominating Sleep and Dining Out!



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