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Bulletproof Your Backside: Good Mornings for Glute, Hammy, and Low Back Gainz

A strong set of glutes is a must! Strong glutes improve posture, help us run faster, and most importantly make us look great in our blue jeans.

The good morning trains the entire posterior chain: low back, glutes, and hamstrings as well as strengthening the core all around. Disclaimer: this exercise is difficult to master and if done wrong can wreck the low back. Leave your ego at the door and start LIGHT! If you’re new to training I would suggest progressing like so: back extension first, RDL, and then good mornings after you have mastered the first two.

3-4 Sets of 5-15 Reps

The good morning will be programmed into my daily workouts on Monday 4/25. Check out my subscription plan here for some direction in the gym as well as home/ travel workout options each day!

Aside from the general health and aesthetic benefits the good morning can also help to increase your other lifts such as the deadlift and back squat!

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