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Be a Gold Digger... Not in the Kanye Sense

There are too many awesome stories about unlikely, normal people succeeding and accomplishing things far beyond their natural abilities. Was it luck? Nope. They didn't have any quit in them.

I'm currently reading "Think and Grow Rich." He tells a true story of a man who found a gold vein in Colorado. He borrowed money from friends and family to buy all the digging equipment. He dug, followed the gold vein, but it disappeared with no jack pot! So he sold the equipment to a junkyard, gave up, and went home. A man from the junkyard knew that didn't sound right. He consulted an expert who told him fault lines in the area can cause that to happen and there should be a large deposit of gold along that vein.

The guy from the junk yard went to where the other man had been digging, dug 3 FEET over and found a huge sum of gold! 3 FEET! That was all that separated the original digger from riches but he quit too soon.

Don't stop 3 feet from gold after putting a bunch of hard work. If you relentlessly put in focused, well researched hard work it will be hard to fail. Most people just quit too early. It gets discouraging when the finish line doesn't seem to be getting any closer.

Focus on the process and the steps it takes to reach your goal. Not the goal itself. Relentlessly perform that process and take those small steps. Every. Single. Day.

Do this and you will either accomplish your goal or find a better approach in the process. It's a win/ win. Don't quit.

Warm Regards,


Ps this is day 3 of me writing one article every day for 30 days! Think about something you could daily for 30 days to get closer to your goal. My current goal is to grow my online workout subscription and continue building my online presence. Thank you for reading!

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