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Back Exercise: Pendlay Rows Vs. Bent Rows

Having a strong, well-muscled back is like a badge of honor.

Obviously, we know pull-ups and rows are the kings of back exercises but which type of row is best? When deciding whether to do pendlay rows or bent rows... the answer is actually both!

If your goal is solely just to get bigger, bent rows are the better option.

If your goal is solely just to get stronger, pendlay rows are the better option.

If you're like me and want the best of both worlds, you should do both each week.

I train back two times per week and one day I do bent rows with an underhand grip and the on my second back workout of the week I do Pendlay Rows with an overhand grip.

The Bent Row (Underhand Grip)

The bent row is ideal for hypertrophy and building muscle because there is tension throughout the exercise and this version is great for high(ish) reps.

Bent Row Pro Tips:

1: keep these strict, slow and controlled

2: don't let the torso bob up and down

3: try 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps

The Pendlay Row (overhand grip)

The Pendlay Row is ideal for those looking to build power and strength. These are done with lower reps and since you have to do a dead stop on the floor each rep, you are able to build more power since momentum is lost.

Pendlay Row Pro Tips:

1: great supplemental exercise for deadlifts

2: Keep the torso stationary

3: drive feet into ground

4: try 5 sets of 3-5 reps

Add both of these exercises to your program each week and watch your strength and lean muscle mass grow!

For the Love of Gainz,


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