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Awkward Leg Exercise for Big Hamstring Gainz

When doing an awkward exercise the key to success is making deeeeeeep eye contact with a stranger in the gym. Whoever doesn't break eye contact wins.

Real talk though, most of us overtrain our quads and don't give the hamstrings enough love. The hamstrings are a group of muscles on the back of the thigh and help (primarily) to flex (bend) the knee and extend the the hips. If one side of the leg is too much stronger than the other this can lead to back problems, injuries, bird legs, etc...

The Dumbbell hamstring curl is an epic way to train the hamstrings but I don't see them done in the gym setting vary often. People typically gravitate towards the leg curl machine but don't sleep on this exercise variation.

Benefits of the DB Hamstring Curl:

1: You don't need access to machines, just a dumbbell

2: more time under tension = more muscle growth

3: useful variation to cycle into workouts

4: mind-muscle connection - you have to focus on where the DB is in space in order not to slam it on the ground and keep it controlled (when on a machine the machine keeps you stable)

Check out my youTube tutorial below as well as my daily workout subscription!

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