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Atomic Habits, 30 Days, and Going for Gold

I'm in this phase of life where I've just decided to go for it.

I have every excuse to find a stable, normal job... but it's just not in me. I go back and forth with whether I am being selfish pursuing my goal or if it's the right thing to show my kids what it is like to "burn the ships" and chase your dreams. I don't have the right answer but I went for it nonetheless.

I quit my job while being the one income for our family with three kids. YOLO, I suppose.

I have always struggled with reading. In middle school we had to read books for points and take tests over the book we have read. I read an entire Calvin and Hobbes comic compilation book before realizing it didn't count for testing. Luckily, I figured out you could take tests over books of the Bible. This was my saving grace because I grew up in church and I was able to test without actually reading anything.

In this last year, I have realized I have to keep pursuing knowledge if I am going to make it, so have been reading like CRAZY! Huge shoutout to everyone who has loaned me books and invested in me. Most recently, I started reading Atomic Habits. (Thanks Jesse!)

Here is my big takeaway: put a system in place to help you succeed. I am terrible with systems. I just go for it and hope for the best.

Whatever your goal may be, aim to get 1% better every day for 30 days. In Atomic Habits, he speaks of using the "Goldilocks Method." Basically, choose something too hardcore and you'll quit. Choose something too minimal and you will see no results. You have to make a change that is "just right." Small enough you can stick with it but large enough to actually make a difference.

For you, it might be reading 10 pages a day, walking 10,000 steps, drinking 8 glasses of water, etc. I challenge you to make a small change and stick to it for 30 days. What are you wanting to accomplish but have been putting off?

For me, I am going to write 1 article every day for 30 days. This will be on top of the workout programs I am already posting Monday through Friday. Worse case scenario, I hone my writing skills. Best case scenario, I grow my brand and help some people along the way!



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