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3 Reasons to Add Face Pulls to Your Workouts

The Face Pull is one of the most underrated exercises in the fitness world! We all want to do bench press and curls then call it a day. Pair that with looking down at our phones all day and you've got the recipe for tuuuuurible (Charles Barkley voice) posture.

Having a jacked upper back does a few things: strikes fear in the heart of your enemies, makes us look great in a tank top, and garners the respect of seasoned gym veterans.

Like you need any more reasons after my rousing speech above... but here are 3 Reasons to Add Face Pulls to Your Workouts:

  1. Face Pulls Increase Scapular Stability. When the scapula is properly stabilized, shoulder strength is increased drastically!

  2. Face Pulls Improve Posture. Our shoulders are typically rounded forward. Using this exercise retracts (pulls back) the shoulder blades and reinforces proper posture.

  3. Face Pulls Decrease Injury Risk. Many of us do more push exercises in our workouts than pull movements. Simply put, the front side of our body gets stronger than the back side. By doing face pulls, among other pull exercises, we strengthen the shoulders from each angle, improve external rotation, and "bulletproof" the rotator cuff.

Try adding 3 sets of 15 to your back workouts or superset face pulls with bench press!

Check out my YouTube short for a quick demo of face pulls here!

Click here for a free 7 day trial to my online workout subscription. Plus, a still shot of the face pull below! Thanks for the read. Share this article with someone who could benefit from this exercise!

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