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2 Exercises to Build the Dump Truck/ Glutes

I'll admit... the title was just to draw you in since building a "dump truck" aka the glutes is such a hot topic right now! Take heart, however, both of these exercises are a great way to build a back side fit for a king/ queen.

Exhibit A: The Superman Hold

This exercise should be in everyone's routine, even if just in the warm-up or cool-down. Our posture takes a beating looking down at our phones and sitting all day. The superman is an awesome way to strengthen the upper/ lower back, the glutes, and hamstrings! Best of all this exercise can be done with no equipment! Try 1 sets of :30-:90 seconds!

Exhibit B: The Romanian Dealift

This might be the top posterior chain exercise. It builds bigger, stronger glutes as well as strengthening the low back and hamstrings. This is a tough exercise to learn to do correctly but it pays big dividends! Try 3-5 sets of 3-15 reps.

*I typically do 4 sets of 5-8 reps, working on a slow descent!

Check out my instructional video below and also check out my daily workout program for just 9.99!

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