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Apr 24, 2023 - May 7, 2023

14-Day Fitness Challenge 2.0

  • 14Days
  • 98Steps


The goal of this 14-day fitness challenge is to give you sustainable actions that you can take to build lifelong healthy habits. This isn't one of those "14-day shreds." Fitness is a lifestyle and this is a challenge and weekly template that you could follow indefinitely. You will need a workout program to follow along with this but it does not have to be mine! The template i use goes: Mon: Legs Tues: Upper Body Wed: core and cardio Thurs: Leg Fri: Upper Body Sat: Walk/ Outdoor Activity Sun: Stretching, yoga, or mobility You could use your own workout program, my Free 4-week program (under the tab "free workout," or My Daily Gym Plan (you get a free 7-day trial). This would be a great time to sign up for my Workout Subscription as a new 4-week phase starts on the same day as the challenge! Start today and let's crush some goals! -Ben Ps The Challenge officially starts on 4/24

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