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Oct 1, 2023 - Oct 31, 2023

Push-Ups, Protein, and Proverbs Challenge

  • 31Days
  • 93Steps


Faith and Fitness go hand-in-hand and both improve when you focus on them daily. With the holidays coming, this is the perfect time to focus on taking daily steps to get closer to your goals. Accountability is key, so this challenge will help keep you on track. The challenge is simple. Each day you will aim to complete the prescribed amount of push-ups, eat the appropriate amount of protein for your body weight, and read the chapter of the book of Proverbs that corresponds with that day. So, on October 1st, you will read Proverbs 1. On October 2nd, read Proverbs 2. Doing push-ups daily is a great way to build the habit of daily physical activity, however, push-ups alone are not enough for a well-rounded fitness program. Do this challenge in addition to your normal workout plan or sign up for my Gym Gainz Guide or Bodyweight Blaster plan to go alongside this plan. Both of my programs offer a free 7-day trial on the "Workout Free Trial" tab of my site here: These 3 simple habits will boost both your physical and spiritual health. Who's with me?

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