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Dads, want to look good, feel good, and perform at a high level?

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My Gym Gainz Guide is a simple, effective daily workout for dads looking to gain muscle and lose body fat without spending hours in the gym.  


My workouts include strength, conditioning, and hypertrophy work to help you look, feel, and perform better.

Workouts are posted in blog format with links to demos of each exercise. This is a simple plan but if you follow consistently and pair with proper diet, you will win! Do the work.

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4 Free Ebooks with trial: Bodyweight Workout Plan, 3 Day Gym Plan, Tracking Results, and Daily Ab Plan

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  • Gym Gainz Guide

    Every month
    Daily workout plan to follow in the gym.
     7 day free trial
    • Daily gym plan to gain lean muscle and lose fat.
    • Mon/ Thurs = Lower Body. Tues/ Fri = Upper Body
    • Wed = Cardio & Core
    • Access to Bodyweight Blaster Plan (2 for 1)
    • 4 Free Ebook Downloads
    • 60-75 minutes
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